Friday, July 1, 2011

Zeitgeist Update

Finishing touches are put on the boutique office building in Arizona.  A walkway connecting an existing building with the one we designed is being built, providing a not only a protected commute between the two, but also symbolizing a bridge between the two very different designs.  The frame-less interior doors have been installed.  Now floor and wall finishes are being installed as we speak. 

The foundation work for a sleek 3-story addition / renovation in the hills above the town of Sonoma has been laid, or rather poured. This project consist of a new workroom on the basement level, the re-building of a sun-room on the main level, and a sun-deck on the second floor, off the existing master-bedroom.  It also includes a kitchen and master-bath renovation, and the replacement of existing decks. Liberal use of cable-rails, a gang-way – style stairway connecting the main deck with the ground-level and a super modern master bath with sensor-activated LED lights, amongst many other features, has us pretty excited to see this project come to fruition.

A second renovation is about to go into construction in Santa Rosa.  We have redesigned a master bedroom, master bath, two other bathrooms. Also, the living room fireplace has been re-designed to be in sync with the modern touch we're adding to this spacious home.  Jessica has been engaged to go through the house room by room, choosing colors, furniture and to design window treatments.  The master bathroom will be utilizing marble slab for the double-headed shower enclosure and radiant heat under the new 12x24 floor tiles. A new walk-in closet will be constructed, as well as a bench in the master bath and a window-seat in the master bedroom.  We are also changing the 8’ flat ceiling to a peaked one and changing the window layout to let more light and air in and make the house feel more light and airy.


La piece de resistance is a two-story, very modern single family residence in Petaluma.  This house will be built on the foundation of a non-descript 1970s ranch-style house and will feature a roof-deck, a staircase (dissecting the house in its center and being lit and vented by 4 large operable skylights), two guest-suites and a separate garage / studio building.  The 9’-6” ceiling height on both floors permits for 8’ doors and 1’-6” hopper windows above them,  enabling passive cooling.  To top it all off, a swimming-pool is planned for those hot summer days.  Covered walkways, designed to support green roofs, will assure shaded and dry travel between the building and also serve as a visual connection.